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Before you even decide AEG or GBB, ask yourself what model of firearm do you wish to have as an airsoft gun, is there a certain military style you wish to simulate? Take a moment to evaluate your choices. Now that you have decided on a make and model you can progress to picking between AEG or GBBR.

Nearly every make and model comes in AEG, while GBBRs are only available in a few styles such as armalite and scar for the time being.

AEG: Simply put, today’s airsoft guns are nothing more than a motor driven gear set that cranks back a piston which is then released to push and compress air in a cylinder which is then directed out the nozzle to propel the BB down the barrel.

GBBR: The GBBR works on the premise of gas propulsion, gas is stored in the magazine of the GBBR along with the BBs of course. When trigger is pulled mechanisms engage magazine and feed the BB, at the same time gas is also drawn from the magazine channeled into propelling the BB down the barrel.

Given the expected weather for the time of May for claybank, neither AEG or GBB should suffer any detrimental performance effects from cold since it should not be very cold out. At this time many GBBs being produced require some after purchase preventative maintenance in order to get them into a state where they can be considered reliable for long term use. The same can be said about some brands of AEGs as well. There are to many variables to explain at this time but I just wish to give you a generalized idea of what you maybe looking at. For a GBBR you will definitely be sinking in a greater deal of money, especially if you factor in the cost of magazines, the same could be said for an AEG. However that is dependent on the brand of AEG you buy, also AEG magazines are not as expensive as GBBR mags. You can purchase 1 box of 5 metal 68 round M4($65) mags for the cost of 1 Prowin 50 round gas mag for a WA GBB($65).

In the future Rob please kindly attempt to title your thread with an appropriate title, as generic names like "Hey" prove to be confusing and offer no information to the content of the thread.

Please see here for more info on the topic.

Welcome to airsoft Canada.

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