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L473ncy is correct in his statement above...except for the CSIS guys and RCMP are instructed to get out of the sport because "it's behavior unbecoming an officer".

My team allows access to many extras that are available for new players to borrow for their first couple of games. This is because we have come across too many new players who have gone out and spent a fair amount of money on guns and kit that they thought they'd like, but shortly realize it's not what works for them. Some players like the look of ARs, but eventually turn to the AKs (why, Idont have the foggiest).

I always bring a back up AEG (and pistol), spare mags, and an extra carrier rig with pouches. But if a new player is lucky, my brother has sometimes loaned out his spare PTW to new guys........

Some of our guys have an insane amount of AEGs in their collections, some have extra kit laying around (It helps when 5 of the team members has been playing for over 12 years). So it's never been an issue. Besides, it clears the dust of some of the older stuff.

We don't mind, it helps out the new guys in our community.

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