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Originally Posted by BobbyDangerous View Post
Metal Upper Receiver with Tinted Polymer Composite Lower Receiver.

Not a big deal. All of the receivers that are solid and metal are non civilian. Might not seem that big of a deal but getting caught with a rifle that is registered non civilian has a heavy price to pay. You can say good bye to traveling and that puts a flag up for CSIS not to mention you will have your rifle taken away from you and prob will no longer be allowed to even own a cap gun and you could serve time.. Just saying..
Theres people who work for the police who play with the "oh so scary black metal guns". We have practically everyone from every walk of life, from university students to tradespeople, to lawyers and engineers, businessmen, IT/CS personnel, Police, Canadian Forces, hell I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who play that were in CSIS or CSOR or something like that. Just don't be stupid and you'll be fine.
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