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Being a long range BA shooter I tend not to do too many indoor or CQB type game, but a couple years ago, one of the guys on my team mentioned that a new field was opening up in the North Etobicoke/Mississauga area......on the eve of my wedding anniversary. Now as I said, I'm not a big one for CQB, however, the wife is, and that fact that the opening night prices at this new facility were very reasonable, we decided to spend the first part of our evening checking out this new facility.
So there I am, watching the wife have a blast, when at the start of a pistols only round I noticed one of the rookies I've seen before set up with no pistol, but rather two knives. Now I've seen this kid before, he's got a good head for tactics, and he's fast, frigging fast. Anyways, I call over a couple of the other players who are sitting the pistol round out and tell them to watch this. They're like "watch what?", and I said "just watch" pointing at this kid.
Sure enough when the game starts, this kid bolts straight out for around 40 feet and then drops to his knees, sliding another 30 feet into a barrier located smack dab in the middle of the field.
During which, two of the opposing team shooters were also moving up to the barrier, but neither hadn't noticed the kid with the knives move up because of his sliding maneuver...... and when the two of them went to do mag changes, this kid swept around one side of the barrier out of sight, only to quickly reappeared coming back around the other end of the barrier. During which time you could clearly hear "knife-itty, knife-itty!".
Dude, I shook my head and howled. Both the guys behind the barrier stood up and look at each other dumbfounded. The kid continued to get another 5 knife kills or something like that before finally getting taken out.
It was amazing.

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