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So many comments in such little time! Thanks for your comments guys! So it looks like AEG's really is the way to go huh? I guess I can wait for the GBBR's to improve their reliability and keep blowbacks to the paintball side at the moment. I'm very patient so waiting for something to improve is no problem (hell, I'm 20 so what's a few years going to hurt? ).

@ Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw:
Yeah, everyone I talk to say its just brought in (GBBR's) and not really settled to be reliable. I went the G&P way because I keep hearing excellent stuff about the internals and VFC for its realistic components (almost everything functions in its guns).

@ L473ncy:
Its not that I want to get a sidearm ASAP (the M9 GBB was just for fun and to try it since I last touched a spring powered pistol and that was years back). I just want to get as much info about the MEU since I really am interested in that specific gun and I would be able to tell differences between it should a new MEU by a different manufacturer pop up. Its just to make comparisons easier for me when I want to finally choose a model (if I'll still go for the Socom Gear or go with a newer one).

@ Conker:
Thanks for the heads up, I'll check the montreal side about games. Maybe a welcome to airsoft type of event? I wanted to have a USMC loadout for paintball but after seeing MFR loadouts, I guess I just clicked to go Force Recon.

@ TokyoSeven
Thanks man! I'm fully aware of the price range when it comes to quality stuff. My thoughts are quality stuff = reliability. It applies in all stuff I buy (airsoft, paintball, etc.). As for platform, I'm going with armalite since I am going the MFR way (well, considering my gear already, its what I can go at the moment).

@ skalnok
Aww, man...I wouldn't let anyone touch my stuff unless I'm there to supervise. Not even my paintball marker is to be touched because if it drops, I don't want anything I had on it to break (ACOG, PEQ, barrel, flashlight, etc.).

Well, looks like I'll have to do more research to try and split the VFC and G&P choices I have. Are their any other brands worth mentioning at the same price range? I'd go TM is I were rich so nothing too expensive. Thanks again!
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