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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Like I said, its advisable to wait ordering a gun. At least until you get AV'ed as then you will have a MUCH wider selection. For example, if you were buying a car then you would look in the newspaper without knowing of other options. Getting your AV status updated then its akin to finding out that you can look at a wider array of cars via the Internet. The G&G M4 is a decent rifle but does have some compression problems, and it comes with an ugly assed transparent receiver. Again this is merely my opinion (which Im sure many others feel the same way) and if your into the M4, there are other options like TM, CA, G&P which will cost a little more but you def. get more for your money that way. In the end its your decision and just hoping to shed some more light on yer situation.

Cheers dude!
I think you got the gun i picked confused. I picked the commando..

Pretty raw and easy to customize...
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