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Trying to get started in airsoft

I've been lurking the forums for a while now and some may know me already me because I've been buying gear here. I'm looking to start playing airsoft since I have nothing to do in between the time of my paintball games (it being expensive so I have a lot of time before the next game). Having been recently verified, I can now access better guns and need insight on some of the choices I'll be listing. Money isn't a factor but I'm trying to keep it at a budget that isn't too expensive while not being very cheap.

For gear, my paintball gear already has a Force Recon look with issued Marpat, CB MarCIRAS, Huang MICH2000 w/ Norotos, Belleville USMC boots, etc (yes I play PB with these since I play milsim PB, no speedball for me ) and I have recently added more to my gear. So gear-wise, I'm fine at the moment.

Now for weapons, I still don't know whether I should go AEG or GBBR. I want to go GBBR because of the realistic action and because playing paintball, blow-backs are what I'm used to and I don't mind all the pieces (cleaning also helps identify pieces that may need replacement). For that, I've been looking at many reviews (here and in Arnie's forum) and I've heard a lot of good things about the KJW/TK M4 GBBR and price is great and the only negative I've heard is the lack of swappable parts. Any other recommendations for another at a slightly higher price if? And if I jump to an AEG, I've narrowed it down to a G&P or VFC (still trying to figure out the different stuff about them).

As for sidearm, is the Socom Gear 1911 MEU a good sidearm? I hear some good things about it (not many bad that ruins it), and I know alot will tell me to stay away from the KJW ones. Other than the TM, is the above mentioned recommended? I got a KJW M9 but I only bought it to get the feel of the blowback pistol (last time I shot an airsoft pistol was when I was young and visit relatives in the Philippines and back then was the spring powered pistol)

That's all at the moment, I'm new to the sport so I'm still trying to figure out terms and whatnot about airsoft. I love milsim paintball and playing airsoft should add to my enjoyment to all things milsim. I don't see why people cant enjoy both (so many PB vs. airsoft topics everywhere). So yeah, thanks for your time and looking forward to get started.
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