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- Batteries, Like $60 each. has what you need.
- Mags, Anywhere from $5-8 each to $20-30 each. I use STAR and magpul "Green Label" branded mags (the cheaper end of the scale) and they work fine for me.
- Rigs, depends can be anywhere from $50 - 500. I bought a china clone rig for like $80 and it's decent. I wouldn't use it in a real war but for light/airsoft use it's great.
- Charger $100 (don't cheap out on this it will pay for itself depending on how much you use it your batteries will last longer and you'll be a happy camper not having to spend that money on batteries) a tip is to go to an RC hobby shop to buy a charger, the staff there will tend to be a lot more knowledgeable and sell cheaper than an airsoft retailer (because they're a necessity for RC).
- Boots, $80-120 I got mine on sale from Coast Mountain Sports they're not military boots or anything, just yardwork/hiking boots great ankle and roll support so they're fine for airsoft use (unless you want to fully immerse yourself in the role)
- Mask, $30 from Canadian Tire for a baseline JT PB mask (since you're a PBaller you shouldn't have a problem with that).
- BDU's $50 for a set of surplus Flecktarn (you're a woodsballer so this shouldn't be a problem, if you were a speedballer you would need to get some proper BDU's nothing like running around the woods in a neon coloured jersey).

If I think of anything else I'll add it but that's about what I had to start off.
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