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Originally Posted by cpgop View Post
theres two types of bio bb's Green BB and White BB, and that the green are just recycled plastic, and that white just disolve into the ground. Is this true or not?
No that's just retarded. Your friend is just making shit up and unless he has scientific evidence to back up that claim then don't believe him (and if he does tell him to contact a scientific journal and publish).

They're the same pretty much just different colours. The plastic will disintegrate yes, but it'll take about 3000 years give or take for it to even start degrading.

What ends up happening is the BB's just sink into the ground so you can't see it. Ask him to dig up a soil sample from the backyard or whatever and see what you find. Props to him if he can dig so that you can see the stratigraphic profile of the soil in the backyard.
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