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Before you go buying a gun, its best to try and figure out what role you would like to play. Best way to figure this out is to head out to games (as has been said, the Events section of Ontario is always lively) inquire about rentals and go from there. Once you have some hands on experience with the sport and the guns used you will be able to make a much more educated judgement. But even if the gun you get you don't like you can always sell it off and get another.

That being said, be prepared to spend quite of a bit of cash to get all the things you need to start. Try and aim for about $600, this includes the gun itself, batteries, mags, charger, eye protection, boots and gear to carry everything you need. Then comes things like BDUs (camo), optics, upgrades and other secondary items. Best advice you can get is this: don't cheap out. The saying "you get what you pay for" can not be truer anywhere else but airsoft. When looking at things like guns, you will always find stuff that are cheap and things that are expensive. Keep in mind theres usually a good reason why they have the price they do. When you buy a cheap gun, you will end up paying the value of the gun in repairs/upgrades, and sometimes more than the gun is worth. Same goes for almost anything. The most important piece of kit you will get is eye protection. DO NOT JOKE AROUND ABOUT THIS! You only have one set of eyes (unless you live near the Pickering Nuclear Plant) so make sure you get a good quality set of goggles. Keep in mind what fields allow what eye protection too. For example: certain paintball fields ONLY allow paintball rated goggles. Even if you show up with a pair of ESS goggles which some fields allow and can withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast, they will not allow you on the field with them because of their insurance policy.

Before I leave, I will also advise you to read ALL of the stickies and information. They contain a wealth of knowledge that will overwhelm you at first, but take it one step at a time. If you have a question, chances are its already been answered in the stickies or elsewhere which can all be found by the search bar at the top. When you have a question, use the search bar and see if its been answered. Try more than once, if you still cant find the answer then by all means make a new thread here in the Tank. We just sometimes get a little tired answering the same questions over and over, especially after we have told the user to do their own research. Some people may come off as harsh but just take it with a grain of salt, and carry on.

Other than that, look forward to seeing you on the field!
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