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Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
Hey, welcome to the forum. One of the big things people will tell you here is to get age verified. Age verification is a process where you meet with an elected member of the community, to see if you're over 18. It doesn't cost anything, and you get to meet some people heavily invested in the community. Then, after a few days, you get a nice little 'Age Verified' Tag, and you can view the classifieds, where you can buy and sell used (and sometimes new) guns. Until you are age verified, you're pretty much left with dealing with brick and mortar stores. Another piece of advice i can give you is read the FAQ's. it's a lot, but trust me, the knowledge gained from them is extremely helpful.

Blast!!! R.I.T.Z. beat me to the punch!!!

Thanks or the advise. I did message a toronto rep so we'll see if i hear back..
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