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Question about how AV and retailers work

Hi there airsoftcanada and its users, my name is Dave, a newcommer to the world of airsoft. So for the last week or so I have been reading and grasping a basic knowledge of this forum and airsoft in general. Basically studying what not to say for your first post around here haha. "I'm getting a snipar whur can I buy 1??/???" . Anyways, I have read alot of the stickys and FAQ's, but I just want to be absolutly positive about some basic questions. By the way, I am sorry if some of this stuff is already answered, I know it is likely, but like I said I am just kind of attempting to clarify. First of all, this whole age verification system. Is this website kind of a chainlink connecting Canadian laws and airsoft? When attempting to purchase a softair gun from a website like shootsoft, is it going to check to see if I am age verified on this website, and if i'm not, it will simply deny my access to purchasing anything from the website? If I am age verified, and the above question is true, does that make me able to buy full black guns from shootsoft? Thanks alot guys in advance, I was pretty happy to see an active community of responsible airsofters. A good establishment in a sport/game that seems to be sadly dying off, along with paintball. Thanks again guys - Dave.
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