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Mack, don't get ahead of yourself. Go to your first newbie day and rent first. THEN you can worry about which gun you should get.

As for prices just save as much as you can. I already told you my story. Just don't spend your training bonus/salary on shit that you don't need. Also worry about finances for university too. It's not going to be good at all with the budget cuts to PSE; UofA and UofC are looking at some pretty crazy tuition increases especially for some of the professional programs. In short we're really getting boned and I would seriously consider transferring to UBC if I could get all my courses transferred. It actually ends up being cheaper AND I get a more internationally recognized and "prestigious" education.

Anyways.... just keep waiting, you can get anything with the time and money (even "classic airsoft" and some rarer pieces like the M82 which I've only seen one ever I think).
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