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hey guess what?

Originally Posted by MackHart View Post
I have been looking at the JG T3-K1 (G3 SG1), and I was wondering if it is possible to get a brand new one in Canada? If so what is the price on one?
short answer yes, your answer no. you will not be able to get one unless your age verified. Airsoft is a 18+ sport
Sniping is not for newbies
If you are underage please do not try to circumvent the system in place, its there for a reason.
Nobody will help you get a gun if you are not age verified or underage
Do not play in your backyard/forest or anything of the like. Only play on official fields.
Please read the FAQ’s

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Seriously? What are you smoking. There's always G3's for sale in the classifieds. Usually of the SG1 varient.
theres been like 4 i'd call that rare, considering the constant influx of G36's MP5's M4's AK's and such
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