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now I'm not usually one to recommend this ... as I've been going down the cheap road, upgrading and trading/selling moving my way up... my fellow players/teammates beleive I have Gun A.D.D. LOL

this being said I'm a tinkerer ... I upgrade and mess with .. so getting a cheaper clone doesn't bother me cause I'm gonna be playing with it anyways.

one of my friends/teammates bought one of the crossman pulse AK47's to get started... that was over a year ago... he's bought and sold 3 or 4 other guns and keeps going back to the poor little AK... he's been beating the crap outta it the whole time. I realize that the crossman pulse AK's are hit and miss for quality.... but if your gonna be deployed in September, and be able to save up over that time ... a crossman pulse or a kracken and a can of spray paint will probably be your best option.

or.... talk with the local guys in your area and see if they will lend/rent you something till you are deployed. see if there is a team that wants you (or you want to join) .. if they have certain requirements .. it might restrist your options further, and possibly make any purchase you make now a waste
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