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There are 20+ year olds that could learn a thing or two from this kid when it comes to posting on this forum. This is probably one of the best first posts I've seen from a total noob, and it comes from a 13 year old.

Jon, you' already seem to have made quite an impression on the guys here so far. If you stick around and read, you'll quickly notice how most noobs start out and the ensuing flamings they receive. Congratulations on escaping that. lol

You'll find ASC is actually quite friendly when people help themselves before posting questions. If you have a question about something, try the search function. Chances are, it's already been talked about in detail in another thread. If you still have questions or don't understand something, then by all means people will be more than willing to help you out - as long as you're not asking where to get guns.
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