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The I25 was one of my purchases at Airsoftpart table at the TAC convention today.

I am very pleased with this .

Brightness adjustment is pretty easy and the max output is definitely"blinding"
and the build quality is verygood, The accesory holster is well made and a nice bonus. The lanyard is a lanyard though for the Tactical Special edition maybe a silver lanyard is a little flashy.

Considering the lanyard is all the fault I can find I'd say $70 was a very good
price considering the overall feartures and the convenience of regular AA batteries,or rechargable

That's what caught my interest as I got feeling pretty silly hoarding and grudgingly using cr123

My primary use would be for daily use and it fits nicely on the belt providing lots of shine without lots of bulk and after expenses, the strobe and SOS
feature is also nice for an impromtu dance party
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