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Well, I'm not expert like most people, and I am sure some people said airsoft isn't for you if you don't have money. But, guns is most tricky issue here. Why? because it is like buy car. You want to buy best quality car as possible as you can so you don't need to maintain more often than if you buy cheap quality car. For gears, most time cheap stuff work fine, Like knee pad. I bought them from Princess Auto for cheap price. For light, I use $15 good quality hand-held from store that my brother work. You don't need full BDU with fancy vest. Canadian tire, and wal-mart may not sell good quality guns, but they does sell other stuff you maybe need for cheap price.

However, Advice where to buying, I refuse to comment until I know you are Age-verfied
my english is bad. however, It don't make up different on your ignorance.

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