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Budget Start

Alright, I am going to start this thread off with a sigh. Sigh. Moving on now.

The reason for my sighing is I happen to be quite disappointed at the moment. I discovered the fine sport of airsoft just over a month ago, and I still haven't picked up a gun. When I first spotted airsoft I decided I would turn to the worlds greatest resource: the internet. I started off by reading everything I could find, and a lot of that information I got off this forum.

The first thing I learned was to get an AEG as your first gun. I thought that would be cool with me, and I started looking at my local store for options. I fell in love with the G&G combat machine M16 they had. The other option I liked was the slightly used M16 with a longer tightbore barrel and a full camo paint job. They both were about $450 after taxes.

I have been told by local players that both are good options and well worth the money. Thats all well and good, but its still $450 for a first gun. I currently don't get much spending money and would like to spread my money, rather than spending it all at once on one item.

So I started to think about what options I had for cheaper starts, and I knew I couldn't compete with the canadian tire clearsoft, so I looked at my options. There was a cheap chinese clone P90, but a friend broke his within 4 hours of buying it. There was a Luger, but then again its got all the downsides of being a pistol and not an AEG, not a good starting gun. They had a shotgun that would have worked fine as a sniper, but I wasn't wanting that as a first gun either. I then checked into what were cheaply priced AEGs, but could still compete. The guns I started to notice were a KSC (?) M4, a G&G combat machine AK47, and a G&G combat machine AK47. The first M4 is slightly smaller, not much smaller though, than the G&G M4s, which made me weary of it.

I want to start airsofting soon, but I don't like the idea of dishing out so much money to start the sport. If I am looking at budget cansoft, what are the options you would suggest?

I like rails and armalites, but I also like the wood furnishings. So almost any good AEG would be worth my considering. I am going into the local store to discuss budget options on monday and I would like the advice of you guys to help me better informed. I know the typical response of get AVed and buy from you guys, but 1: I am only 17 (local field allows at 16 if responsible enough) and 2: I don't like buying online, nothing personal. I would really appreciate it if I didn't get shut down for being 17, I have my parents approval and the field itself will let me play. If it helps, I am a reservist as well. Just saying
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