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Last I heard of Kampfer was that he was gone to The Island. Maybe it was a temp job or something (he was the one who actually verified me). He's a nice guy.

Anyways, I know for sure that Optix is in Vancouver (Richmond IIRC).

Don't forget about Burnaby and Richmond too, they have Skytrain access to downtown as well although the housing prices are likely in line with Vancouver.

Hopefully if everything goes according to plan I'll be working in Vancouver this summer for co-op and I might meet you.

What Shock said was the case before. Now that there have been some new developments the prices will still be expensive but closer in line with regular retail prices outside Canada. (I would probably say you're looking at a 1.5-1.8x markup because of duties and the retailers cut).

PS: When I think of LARPing I automatically think of this.

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