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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Wat? You're a girl? That also likes Stargate? Damn... your boyfriend is a lucky guy. I wish I could find a girl that liked Video games, computer tech and sci-fi stuff....

Depending on what you studied it might be easier to get a company to sponsor you to work in Canada. I'm only a student so not too well versed in employment law and stuff in "the real world"/job market. If you have networked contacts maybe you could get them to help you find a job at a smaller Engineering Firm as a draftsman or something. (I am not an Engineer I just know a lot about it my degree is in Geography/GIS)

The person you want to talk to is probably Optix, he can get you all squared up and verified, then you can shop around and see if there's any for sale in the Classifieds.

TBH Canada is a great place (especially Vancouver) but airsoft is expensive because of the laws we have in place but it's looking like it's slated to change soon.

Where did you study and what did you study? UBC? SFU? Capilano University-College?

PS: If you stay in Canada it's going to be really hard to live in Vancouver. Surrey, Burnaby, or Richmond is probably more manageable. I live in Vancouver and my house isn't that great TBH and it was assessed at a pretty high price for property taxes.
Indeed i am a girl. Thank you. I'm sure there's lots of other girls who are into those things out there.

Unfortunatley i don't think i have any sponers unfortunaltey and plus what i'm trying to persue is a tough biz. I guess it's just handing out resumes and hoping someone will ring me (fingerscrossed).

I sent a message to i think the name was Kamfer (think that was the name) so i can get Age Verified.Maybe i should maybe drop him a message maybe.Thanks very much for the info much apprisated.

I studied at the VFS (Vancouver Film School) on Hastings st. I did a 4 month course there last year for an acting course.

Oh yeah Downtown is more expensive.I guess usually in the big ol city it's expensive.Surrey's a pretty good area and it's easy to get downtown. Jump on the skytrain wwweeeee!!

Thanks again.


Wowsers.I didn't relise that prices here in Canada was rasied so much.

It would be pretty cool to larp Stargate style (in my book anyway hehe). That is a good idea. But i'd like to get a more realstic looking P90. In all honesty i wanted to get a cheap P90 for my Atlantis costume. But watching some videos of a p 90 airsoft and watching some airsoft on youtube i really wouldn't mind getting into airsoft. It looks pretty fun and with the diffrent scenrios too. Does sound fun.

Thank you very much for the info and suggestion i really appricate it.

With the price of a P90 $400 -$600 i'm not gonna be getting one soon or playing soon.
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