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Originally Posted by Jon The Young Airsofter. View Post
I went to a site called Buy Airsoft Canada, and I've made a wishlist.

G&G MP5 G5 X1
3000 .20g Top Grade BBs X2
C02 Sig 2022 X1
200 Round MP5 Magazine X2
2-in-1 Belt/Leg Pistol Holster

What'cha think? It costs about $550 altogether.
Drop the bb's, gun, magazine, and 2-in-1 belt,leg holster

Search Oneshottactical in google and i reccomend you buy ur gear from them.

i got a somewhat decient molie vest for around 58$, you can get ur knee pads, bdu, and more for a decient price

BB's wise you should get bb bastard from asc mart or velocity arms bb's g&g arn't as good compared to these.

C02 pistols are costly and lot of people reccomend a gas gun via propane or green gas, the gun itself is sub par.

if you realy want highcaps buy from anywhere but there as they jack there prices. I suggest if you want an mp5 get 100 round MAG Brand mags because there decient in quality.

For the Gun i personaly won't like it but thats just taste. I would want an SD version hah
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