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No. Not that great TBH. My rifle alone was $450 and it was by no means the greatest, that should tell you something.

You don't need the pistol, I didn't even get a pistol until last year in February. Plus you can probably get a cheaper holster from the local surplus store if your town has one.

Also you have a great BB retailer available to you. BBBastard. Don't get the cheapest BB's. You (ideally) spent $500 on your rifle and you're going to run crap BB's in them. It's like running "Bronze" fuel in a car that ideally should use Silver or Gold fuel. Save those BB's for crappy crapsoft and use "Gold" level BB's in a good rifle. Also don't get aluminum or graphite coated BB's. I have heard that they will scratch up the inner barrel and even if it isn't true would you take the chance?

Right now if you're 15 or w/e pick up a Paintball mask, a barrel condom and some BDU's. You'll be able to use them for paintball and later Airsoft because that gear is the same. (Pod carriers don't work for airsoft mags, maybe P90 mags but that's probably about it)
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