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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
makes me wonder how many kids save and save than realize you cant drive an airsoft gun... or get laid on one lawl.

buy a car. get a job. THAN get luxeries like airsoft. i think about all the money i spent on paintball at 16.... and realized my marker was worth more than my car.
Technically I don't even have a car so my airsoft stuff is worth more than "my car". Long story, but it essentially boiled down to "oh son, you don't need a car to get anywhere in Alberta, just take transit", yeah.... transit.... that's a pretty funny joke right there. Transit quality doesn't carry over from Vancouver to anywhere else, if I was at UBC or SFU I would have no problem taking transit to get where I need to but here.... ehhh.... I would prefer a car (even if it's a POS rust bucket).

This summer though is the year that I buy a car and (hopefully) get approved for a loan (maybe I convince my parents to cosign and guarantee the loan).

PS: I don't like paying for insurance either, ICBC is such a rip off, after talking to one of my friends from Saskatchewan (they also have government insurance BTW) it sounds like in BC we're really getting shafted and government insurance is supposed to be "cheaper" than private insurance. Yeah, all ICBC cares about is it's pocketbook there's no reason why we can't adopt pricing similar to Saskatchewan. (Except for maybe slightly higher rates in the city because of the greater likelihood of collisions)
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