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Go with the Crosman C11 pistol I mentioned earlier then. It shoots close to 400fps with 0.20g BBs, with heavier BBs it has quite good range. Is CO2, has small but solid 15 round mags, and you can pick up more mags down there for around $15 per pair. It's Non-BlowBack, but a decent and reliable pistol. Is my first NBB after MANY GBBs, you'll have little problem keeping it going (less worry about getting sand in it, lower maintainance too). And will be under $100 for you. And since you are in the US, you can get them in black (unlike us, we have to settle on clear Crosman guns).

And here's the spring three barreled shotgun that has been recommended a few times:

And I'll apologize for the conduct of some around here, but understand, there have been swarms of kids (under 18) that create an account here and pretend they are adults, asking questions and largely ignoring advice given to them, ends up being a pissing match. Also the spoonfeeding some new members ask for is constant, when simple reading is required. Not saying you are guilty of that, just letting you know what sets some persons off around here. As well, is nothing against 'Yanks', many members around here are in the US, even France, Spain, etc. We are actually jealous of those in the US, you can get cheap airsoft guns, in black, where we have to pay more. We aren't jealous of your orange tip requirement though. :P

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