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Originally Posted by ksuechuc View Post
Startup costs, you would want to invest most of your budget into getting a reliable blaster. Your kit can start with the basics and as you come across more budget, you can start to add more to your kit and make any adjustments you find necessary as you get into playing.

As for purchasing your blaster, get yourself AVed first and check out the classifieds or some retailers. I'm not too sure about any retail stores in Vancouver, but for the AV, you could try sending a PM to one of the following ASC AVers and they could probably shed some light on where you could obtain a blaster or gear locally while getting Age Verified.


As per the AV thread, these members are doing Age Verification for the lower mainland.

Best of luck.
Thank you very much for your help much apprisated.I just sent a mesage to Kampfer for the AV. Thanks again for your help.
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