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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Ahhh.... gotta love kids. If he's been playing for "2 years" then chances are he won't be welcomed into the "adult games" when he becomes of age.

It's not necessarily that airsoft is 18+, but for the purposes of being in Canada we adopt an 18+ rule because that's when if you do something you become personally liable and can't hide behind your parents and the YCJA.
So basically, you enforce the 18+ rule because you don't want some kid to cry and hide behind their mothers, and yet the Mothers can't do anything about it. I'm not against that rule, I'm just absorbing the information provided at a level I can understand more. Not to seem retarded, or anything. Also, I may be rambling on for no reason, probably because of how late it is.

EDIT: Sorry I can't respond to everyone's posts at once, lol.
Also, NoGear, I'll search soutthedoggie, but I usually watch a guy named pvtsnowman. He makes some good airsoft reviews.

I'mma go to YouTube right now. I got a cravin'.

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