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Originally Posted by Jon The Young Airsofter. View Post
I fix'd my post. I WAS going to get it until I visited some of the airsoft sites.
Jon welcome to asc

i was 13 -14 and lurked the forms until about a few years ago
iam 16
and as a person still waiting and having a goal of 1 game a year. my own advice, if you are realy seriouse into airsoft is

1: buy the best dam googles you can afford *saves time*
2: Start a saving like put 20$ a month from your allowance into your future airsoft fund, *It adds up*
3: be on ASC at least once a day or five times every hour *Ahem*
4: Try to get to know people in your area, as they may be able to guide you into airsoft faster, possibly holding there guns later down the road.
5: Practise safe gun handling *you got at least 2 years to master this*
6: Try and research all possible airsoft company's etc
7: To fuful your desire for airsoft on a daily basis Search *soutthedoggie* on youtube. He makes great videos with plenty of action

the most importain rule of all!

1: Don't airsoft in public space, don't do stupid stuff , and be safe
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