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Originally Posted by Jon The Young Airsofter. View Post
I was talking to some kid at school a couple days ago, and he claimed that he has been playing airsoft for 2 years. I now know that he is lying.
Ahhh.... gotta love kids. If he's been playing for "2 years" then chances are he won't be welcomed into the "adult games" when he becomes of age.

It's not necessarily that airsoft is 18+, but for the purposes of being in Canada we adopt an 18+ rule because that's when if you do something you become personally liable and can't hide behind your parents and the YCJA.

In the Philippines there is actually a 6 year old who shoots IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation, which is real steel competition shooting). As well because of the culture over there (and Asia in general) there is an onus to not do stupid things like what happens in "the west" (ie. like minors or retarded "college frat boys" shooting paintball or airsoft in the public, the "college frat boy" will be charged as an adult and have real firearms related charges laid on them but a minor can hide behind the YCJA and the soccer moms will try and ban paintball and airsoft as a knee jerk reaction because of one incident). This is why we as a community adopt a blanket 18+ rule with exceptions on a case by case basis (in certain communities) for 16+. Usually it will be the parent/guardian is an active player and the minor is the son/nephew of the player or the parent staying for the day (we're not a daycare and I'm pretty sure a lot of parents wouldn't like their kid hanging around some of us). I only know of one place where the parent can drop off the kid and do whatever and pick them up at the end of the day but the parent must have a chat with the admin running the day and come to an agreement.
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