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First off, at 14, you won't be allowed to play anyware. 16 maybe, with a parent, depending on the game host.

Second, airsoft guns cost $300 - $500. It's not a cheap hobby. Yea, there are a couple of brands that make cheaper ones (in the $150 range), but most people who have played for a long time will tell you they're not worth the cost. Keep in mind ontop of that, you also need batteries, a good charger, boots, eye protection, BDU's, etc. The generally accepted number to get into airsoft is about $1,000. It can be done for cheaper -I know of some who have done it for ~$600-ish, but 1k is generally accepted as the norm. And no, this isn't "elitist" BS... it's a cold, hard fact. I'll say it again: airsoft is NOT a cheap hobby.

So, start saving now, and in 2 years you'll have enough to kit yourself out.

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