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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Simply, No.

I can agree to licensing a person for the right to own and granted permission to acquire and possess under an agreement that does not include me giving up my civil, human, tort or property rights as does our currently flawed gun legislation.

Licensing individual replicas? Abso-fucking-loutely not, we're already trying to get rid of one boondoggle registry, what create another one. There is absolutely no link between registering a replica and police shooting someone with one. And, to boot, the only person who got hurt was the asshat trying to use a replica in that manner. I would think police would be happy, even in hindsight, that their officers were not at risk because a replica was used. Who CARES if you shoot them. If you have police officers who can't handle having shot someone under those conditions, then they should seek employment that is less emotionally taxing. Being an emergency worker that deals with the stress of human death, my message is SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP.

It's like we're sharing the same brain.


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