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Yeah. I'm the "Ignoant Yank".
I had learned from my previous post on repairing the 552 that some more research should/could have helped me before I made the purchase. Now that I am considering making another and am asking for help in making a new purchase you flame me? You say I am alergic to Google? What is google going to tell me other than where to make the purchase. Google is how I found this website! WTF dude. I am not poking fun at your Country by no means only YOU! I ask for help and you tell me where to stick it? I don't think you have offered one suggestion to this thread other than negativity. I understand your reluctance to offer help to a minor. but why? wouldn't it be prudent to offer the same advise to anyone rather than single out someone who might just go off somewhere else and maybe do more harm than good. And last....You tell me I should have lied and said the gun was mine instead of my sons?? Again, Why start off a post lieing to get some answers???"pus", I just fail to see your logic!! Maybe you do have some usefull posts somewhere and maybe your really knowledgeable at something. I just don't think its here on this thread!! Just my two cents!
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