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Originally Posted by moombadaen View Post
LOL. Pot/ Kettle "pus".
Isn't that exactly what you are. A big kid playing with a toy gun???
I didnot give my "child" a toy gun to go out and play with on his own no more than your parents giving you a car and sending you out into the world to run someone over. Grow up man. I came here looking for some help in a forum I thought was designed for people getting into the hobby. My mistake.
lame comparison. read what you wrote and note the differences. airsoft. car. I'll refrain from spoon feeding your own words as some may construe it as flaming.

we're all about helping people, but when people come here with a one track mind to do something and reject recommendations or suggestions it makes it tough to help anymore.

Originally Posted by moombadaen View Post
did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason the laws are so much stiffer in your country is maybe because YOUR the idiot.
umm, yeah. hate to break it to you but it's you're as in you are not you r. <- see? I helped you!

if you want to go buy a cheap springer, go ahead and buy one. it's clear that you don't want to spend any money on something more reliable and upgradable. If you're dead set on a spring pistol try the TM that R'n'R recommends or look at a NBB.

Here you go for $42: <- see? I helped you again!
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