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I never called you an idiot so I'd appreciate an apology, no one asked you how old you are or what you've accomished.

You came to a forum that doesn't approve of minor owning airsoft and stated that you gave a kid one, one that subsequently broke and you then asked us for help. Sorry but you cannot expect to only get help without some personal opinions mixed in.

Had you said something like, "my sig552 broke, any idea where to get parts?"

the whole parenting/responsibility thing wouldn't have come up.

Originally Posted by moombadaen View Post
did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason the laws are so much stiffer in your country is maybe because YOUR the idiot.

As for me being and idiot and causing firearms laws in Canada to be so strict, I'll have to say sorry to my fellow Canadians and a hearty fuck you to another ignoant yank.
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