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Thanks for the help. I gotta say "pus", Not real impressed with your post. I would hope your not as much of a dumbass with your own children as you make is seem on here. I am only in this to spend time with my son. I spent 8 years serving my country yes, the USA (8th TFW S. Korea 91-98) I am not looking for this to become another hobby of my own. This is why I was looking for a "cheaper" alternative to my sons weapon. Just to keep up, not worried too much about getting my ass handed to me. To the others with respectful post....Thank you. I did try to update my profile and it would not save it. Not a problem... If you want to know a little more about me to make yourself sleep better fine.

Live in Oregon USA.
38 Years old.
I am an IDC instructor
spent 8 years in Air force (para-rescue)
love to spend time with my two children.

So, from what i have read though...the gas guns have about the same FPS as the Springs. What kind of upgrades can you get for the Gas and where is a good place in the states to check.

"That Others May Live"
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