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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Lol coachster, he lives in the states, not our problem, he bought an aeg for his 14yo son, check his sig552 thread

he can't go to CT either, I don't think there's one in Oregon

and OP, yeah sling pistols are absolute shite, get a gbb, for fuck sakes you live in the states where airsoft is fucking cheap, juts buy one, if you get bored of it sell it on eBay or give it to your underaged son to shoot himself with.
s'ok pus. I don't "check" people previous posts to see where they live, especially since there is a spot in their profile to show their location. if it's privacy they wish for, they could at the least have entered USA.

lots of targets and wallymarts in the US. since airsoft is not as much of a grey market there, a decent gbb would be dirt cheap.

I'd love to hear his son come on here telling stories of how his old man tried to take on his sig552 with an elcheapo springer and pwnd his ass before he could rack the second shot!
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