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Originally Posted by moombadaen View Post
Since my sons gun is now fixed, It looks to be interesting around here. I was thinking about purchasing a smaller handgun for myself. After looking at the AEG's, gas, spring, I was thinking of just going with the spring. It appears that the FPS between the gas and the spring are somewhat similar. My question is this....Is there a weapon or a range of weapons (spring pistols) that can be upgraded to a higher FPS or accuracy? Don't really want to spend too much just enough to play around with the neighbors once or twice a month. Thanks....
springers are a pain. low fps and not fun to play with unless it's a shotty. gas pistols will out perform a spring pistol and will have a higher fps than spring.

might as well just goto wallymart or CT and find your self something there. how cheap are you planning to be?

play around with the neighbors? don't want to spend too much? even though you say "son's" gun, it all sounds noobishly underage and fishy!
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