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Originally Posted by tte404 View Post
All in all (if ICS addressed the Bevel Gear issue) the internals are great.
The hop up itself is very sufficient for what it is, fits very snug and a great seal.
The rubber I replaced with a FireFly purchased from Amos and now I have excellent range and accuracy.
Also Iíd replace the Piston Body with a Poly Carb one for longer durability; I purchased mine from Airsoft Parts. If you decide to change the Piston Head, youíll have to purchase a spring too as the ICS spring is only compatible with a head that the screw is in, going in to the piston body; other than the normal screw out from the body into the head.
I also replaced the stock gears for a 300% Torque Up Element set purchased from Styrak...
Anyway... Iím rambling so Iíll leave you with that...

I have heard bad things about using gears other than ICS brand. Not too sure where or why but I've read it in more than one place. (Arnies maybe?)
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