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Win gun revolvers

Hey guys I am considering picking up a revolver to add to my ever growing collection of stuff no one ever really needs.

I am considering a Wingun revolver, I know there mag fed pistols are not the best how ever I have been reading some good things about the revolvers.

They are full metal, Co2, and seem pretty nicely made. HOW EVER. I can't find a real review on these things that isn't made by a freaking 14 year old *this gun is so cool yes it is yes it is ok done soot pew pew*......

So I am wondering if anyone on here has any experience with said guns. I am aware that they do not have a hop up so I am wondering how well they shoot with out it. I know its not a long range gun... more CQB back up when my desert eagle runs out of its 3 mags sorta thing.

How tough are the shells as well? Are we looking at another Dboys kar98 we make our shells out of tinfoil and baby farts material? or are they robust enough to have in your pack or bandalier *sp*.

Anything else you guys can think of would be awesome

Things I am not interested in knowing

The fact that Tanaka makes a good revolver... from what i have read this are just below them in quality at less than 1/2 the price.

The fact that the gun is not able to be ordered from outside the country

the fact that its a revolver and not 1337 enough for your spray and pray style of play

The fact that it only holds 6 shots and OMG you may have to reload during a game

Anything else that makes you sound like your trying to be puss *we only have, and need one lawl* jking puss
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