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I remember getting pissed at paintball after my gun broke, and felt at aloss with games costing me over 200$ with equipment and paintballs. I then took on the web to find a replacement.

I then stumbled on a thread at Foxden airsoft back in the day, which was just a paintball vs airsoft argument. I was a minor at the time and got shot down bad by Greyfox and Testtube when I asked where I could get my own piece of airsoft. I admired the respect they attributed to the sport and on how fun it is to play with people who respect it as much.

Then got flamed to hell when I showed my interest in making my own airsoft RPG...

Then came the stalking of ASC until I turned 18, met up with Bruce, got AVed and used up 2.5k until I realised I prefered Bullups to armalites and vests to plate carriers... yet I still won't get rid of any of them :P
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