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If you think of it this way:
You put two drop in the adaptor and screw it onto the tank. Then you fill 3 mags...mag A, mag B and mag C. Mag A is going to pretty much get all of the oil...Mag B maybe some...Mag C probably not much at all.

So...either you put in a couple of drops for each mag...or:
- you rotate through your mags so they all get used evenly
- you put a drop on the fill valve of each mag, then when you fill the mag they each get a shot of oil too

With sprays, it's often the solvent that the stuff is disolved into that causes problems with o-rings. Anything that is rubber friendly and liquid (sorry, forgot the scientific term for liquidy/runny) enough to get in the mag with the gas and blown up into and spread around the pistol is good to go. Note that some stuff tends to "attract" dust/dirt, which will gum up your pistol.

Sorry, but I have not found any pure silicone oil at Can Tire. Hobby stores sell it for RC car shocks...the lighter it is, the runnier it is.

And yes, this has all been posted before, you should really try f*cking harder to search around.
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