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I bought my first TM P228 springer back in '93 from a little store in Richmond. The salesperson told me hop-up was a harder spring (lol) and shot at a plastic case inside the store, cracking it in half. I loved it and brought it home to be kept in storage. I saw the AEGs back then and they were pricey at the time (a TM G3A4 and an A3 each for $700) That's a lot to ask for from a teen. My cousin came to my house one day in 2000 and asked if I still had my srpinger. He told me he found a guy (Peter Kang) who sold AEGs at a more reasonable price than that Richmond shop. He took me to Peter's shop and I couldn't have seen a better "candy shop" with wall to wall guns. At the time you could choose which guns you wanted but soon after the well dried up and you had to take whatever you could get. I really wanted an MP5SD5 but they sold out really fast. I decided to do a little research and found a local club VAC (Vancouver Airsoft club) which would later be called BCAC. I also found ASZ and later moved to the first incarnation of ASC. I later bought my first TM M4 or rather my wife (gf at the time) bought it for me. I wasn't a fan of armalites until that day and I've been hooked ever since (I've got a few of them now). Since then, I helped form the local club (Op-for in BC) with 3 other buddies and the rest is history.
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