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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Put some oil in the moving parts such as the hammer assembly, work it in by cycling the hammer, and wipe a bit of oil inside the hop up and on the end of the nozzle. Might want to empty the mag of gas and put a couple drops of oil in the hole the gas exits out of, with a couple drops on the release valve, work it in by pressing the valve a couple dozen times (most importantly, NEVER leave the mag without gas in it. Some guys will dump all the gas at the end of the day, then later complain that their mags are leaking). Grease on the slide rails would be a good idea too.
Thanks for the tips. Specifically, for the release valve, do you only slightly depress it and add some oil or do you depress is the valve fully(which will let out gas), drop oil, then re-add gas?

Also, the GBB is a Glock, which has an internal hammer I believe?
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