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Maybe I joined the wrong forum....
Let me start by saying this since some of you cannot get past the "looking for help" part of the question and only see it fit to flame me.
I live in a very rural part of Oregon where almost everyone has a rifle of sorts. I/we do not live in the big cities in a townhome next to a schoolyard or playground. I myself am somewhat knowledgable with a firearm and feel I have the ability to share that information with my son. I chose to give my a son (14 yo.) an airsoft rifle because it keeps him outdoors with myself as well as a few of the other responsible people who live close by. I would much rather have him outdoors with a rifle (under my supervision of course) than indoors, forgotton, and under the mindless control of the TV or the video games. So with that being said, Yes, He in fact did cross the street in front of our garage and tripped over the strap when it broke. Kids break things whether it be on purpose or by accident things happen. This was one of those times. As far as "Giving and adult toy to a child" pot/kettle. AGAIN....Just looking for some help with an AEG, not parenting. Thanks again to some of you whom have seen past that and given legitimate responses.

"That Others May Live"
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