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Originally Posted by moombadaen View Post
I would just as equally ask that my parenting skill remain out of the forum. If I was "spoiling" my son, I would have just bought another and not wasted my time researching spare parts. AGAIN....I do not wish to ruffle any feathers nor do I want to "shit where I eat", but I am ONLY looking for repair help. Thanks again.
Fair enough. Being in Canada we are subject to crazy laws about airsoft. It's pretty much illegal to import airsoft yet "lethal" uncontolled firearms (4.5mm and .177 pellet guns) pass in and out of country all the time. In addition to the crazy waste of taxpayer money that's only a feel good gesture Gun Registry. I'm pretty sure a criminal isn't going to register their illegal firearm and legitimate owners are the ones who get the shit deals.

Anyways..... it really does ruffle our feathers when some stupid teenager gets shot or bad things happen involving airsoft since the soccer mom backlash would ban airsoft and trust me the "soccer mom lobby" is strong (it's not a lobby in the registered lobbyist sense just that they have a lot of power).

@ Pus: They make money when idiots think high FPS = good and when they break just buying a new one. Also strong arm tactics against high quality manufacturers and retailers choosing to sell high quality products preventing them from competing in the US market (coughcybergunlawsuitscough).
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