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Sig 552 Newbie Question

I have a Swiss Arms Sig 552 commando AEG that I purchased for my son for X-mas at the local "big 5" sporting good store. I thought Metal gun = durability!! I couldn't have been more wrong. Now as I said I am a newbie so here is my problem. My son didn't even get a chance to go through the first weekend without completely trashing the gun. I put the strap on right out of the box and as soon as he crossed the street the end of the strap broke causing the gun to drop onto the pavement with him falling onto the gun. As far as I could tell in the field is the following....
1) rear sight - trashed
2) pistol grip - broke at the screws
3) strap - trashed
4) the bolt that is removed when you need to charge the battery - broke
5) there seems to be a spring of sorts near the above metioned bolt that has fallen out of the bolt location and no idea where it went or where it goes.

After taping the handle back on and sent him on his way he soon came back claiming the gun no longer worked. As a fix it yourself dad I took it apart expecting to see the problem. After getting into the gearbox and springs poping out at me I now realize I am over my head.
To make a long story longer, This is what I would like help with.
First, Where can I find replacement parts. I have tried everywhere and am abou ready to toss the gun.
Second, Is there a visual aid on reasembly of the gearbox. I am very mechanically inclined, Just need to reference A to B.
Lastly, Where can I get some upgrade parts like a top rail or longer barrel. I am on a budget (actually just ratholing money from the mrs.) so I cannot go to overboard.
Is this just a waste of my time and should I just get a different gun?

Thanks so very much for any help.
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