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Originally Posted by pancakedestroyer View Post
I loved listening to the police chief make the statement to the effect that he didn't see what purpose it served for any citizen or consumer to step out and be able to purchase a replica firearm.
And here is the fundamental problem. He is using his position to put forth a political opinion first, and second, who is he to tell me what I should or should not own based on his opinion? And who authorized him to speak like this as a municipal civil servant? I elected my counsellor, mayor and MPP to speak to these issues, not him. This is rampant in Canada, beaurocrates and civil servants (CBSA anyone?) either not doing their job such as to be enforcing the laws as they are written and/or intended, or, using extralegal interpretation to bend those law such that they are interpreted in an unintended fashion, conveniently aligned with their social or political views. Its simply wrong. Talk about the tail wagging the dog, this tail wags without any dog.


Here is one you'll all like - I am trying to get some t-shirts printed for TAC10. After spending a day and a half getting a quote from a rush company, they send me an email back telling me, "oh we have a policy, we don't print guns on t-shirts." The printer "Sandy" is referring to the BB Bastard LOGO. Thanks to this company I probably got fucked over for having nice shirts for my booth staff for the weekend (so if you're in the t-shirt printing business and can do fast turn around, PM me please). I was agast, and I don't appreciate the clear discrimination she was practicing as I am also a registered gun owner and would be sure to pass on to my friends their company name so they could boycott it as well.

So, if you ever need T-Shirts printed, DON'T call these people:

416 364-6177

I've sent her a link to this page so she can be sure to read it.
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