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The Canada Safety Council has approached police to push for gun replicas to be regulated under the federal Firearms Act, said council president Emile Thérien. That would require them to be licensed and registered.
Guys anyone remember this dude? The dude that think we should register firearm magazines? He post alot of totally wrong stats (Even for Coalition for Gun Control standard...which is bad already)

I stop reading there,

Honestly, what more do you need? Criminal Code Section 2 STATES CLEARLY anyone firearm imitation used in commission of a crime IS A FIREARM. You get a water gun painted black and point at the cop, its only natural that you get shot. sigh....Why is Canadians getting worse than Americans? Our laws states clearly if it looks like one, then it is one. FYI Firearm in Criminal Code is a weapon, not a tool. Its considered as a weapon.
In U.S. replica gun are not treated as a firearm in commission of a crime if I remember.
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