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I can't budge an inch on goggles/eye protection...they're for safety.

Radios...m'eh, never fail, most times some guys haven them and some don't...and the ones that do don't have working batteries for more than 30min. It just helps to coordinate things from one end of the field to the other (I have enough radios to outfit game staff) and I just yell anyways.

Boots, clothes, painting guns....nah, I've got two kids of my own, don't want to borrow any for the day. If the person can't read that in advance and sort themselves out at least that much...then I don't want them this time. They're welcome to get sorted out and try again next time.

I'll help pretty much anyone as much as I can...and I'll arm twist others into helping as well...but the guy looking for help has to get to the front door and step through.
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