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Taking another look through the thread another criticism that I have is the radio. This may be implicit but you should probably state that all players without radios should be/will be paired up with someone who does have one so they know what's going on and aren't running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I like your no clearsoft policy as well. Hell even a crappy paintjob with drips everywhere and uneven spraying is better than "active camo" and it's like $4.00 for a can of paint. There's even this import paint from Australia that's like $3.50 a can (less if you buy bulk packs) so there really isn't any reason to not have a gun painted if it was originally "active camo". It's like the cost of a days worth of bus fare so no excuse at all even if you're a poor university student (just don't go to the pub or brown bag for a day or something).

EDIT: Yes I also agree with you on the minimum expectations. If you don't have boots, this is Canada GET SOME (even in Vancouver the use is for hiking, and elsewhere, winter boots for better traction). BDU's are cheap and useful as crappy painting clothes, grease clothes for working on a car, dirty yardwork, and if things don't work out you can use it for those things. With paintball goggles, they're like $25 at CT for an entry level JT mask so there isn't any excuse there either.

Tys, this is actually great and if the day works out well maybe the general outline could be passed over to the west to run similar event days as well although it does sound like some of the newbie days where it's 1/2 day newbie stuff and the second half of the day dedicated to games till sundown.

EDIT again, I didn't feel like it needed a reply.

Tys, I was actually commenting that there isn't a reason that participants shouldn't have that gear. Lets say NewbiePlayer1 doesn't have any gear at all and wants to go. A gun might be a bit far of a stretch so rentals either secured privately or through the admins would be a good idea but for other gear such as boots, well no reason why any player doesn't own boots with good tread and ankle support same with BDU's a player who is semi serious about wanting to join in can pick them up for $30 for a full set (jacket + pants) at a surplus store as with eye protection no reason why NewbiePlayer1 shouldn't have any either, they're cheap and readily available at Canadian Tire for an entry level paintball masks. If NewbiePlayer1 after that day doesn't think airsoft is for them at least they didn't buy a gun, they have some BDU's now and those can be used as rag clothes and as for boots well, we're Canadians, no reason why you don't use your boots at least once a year or more. As for eye protection, well no real use outside airsoft or paintball but if NewbiePlayer1 gets invited paintballing for a stag or corporate retreat then at least they can use their own eye protection and don't have to use the crappy rentals. Like I said there should be a minimum requirement but a gun probably shouldn't be one of them. I like how you've revised it.

As for the radio thing, I didn't know how big of a field it was and if yelling or an airhorn is good enough then all the power to you.
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